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is my “official” blog, where I give you my two-cents’ worth on various topics.


Currently where I’m most active, Extended family, friends from church, and college classmates of mine are here.


Where To Find Me On The Web

My Twitter ID is “songsequencer.” I only tweet about music, mostly what I’m listening to at the moment.


My Amazon.com Home Page

I have written reviews for over 100 CDs and books at Amazon.


This has been my major blogging community since October 2004.  Most of my online-only friends are here. Now that my “official” blog is dead, this is the only place where I’m posting blog entries.


I rarely check in here.  Any connections I have here are for music.


This is a web community where people give their opinions on all kinds of consumer products. I have reviewed several big-ticket products here.


I set up an account here to report on travel experiences, but haven’t posted anything yet.


My main project here is that I’ve made several playlists of my favorite music videos.  I’ve only posted a few videos of my own at this point.


A music listening site. I rarely listen to music on such a site. I first joined iLike, but Last.fm has a better selection of music.


When this music site first connected with Facebook, I joined it, but they have limited music selection.


Yahoo has a lame attempt at social networking. Basically, my Delicious links and YouTube favorites also get posted here.


Find images on the web, collect them at Pinterest.  Get a taste of my interests and personality from a visual perspective.


A Ning social networking site open only to alumni of Anderson University.


I exist here only because I haven’t deleted my profile yet.  It was going to be a place for me to talk about books when I worked at Borders.  Then I quit.


The pages of my website

Bananaleaf Central

Front Page

J Lee’s Website Index

Bananaleaf Central

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Blog v2 (under construction)

Pondering God & Church

The Bible, Part 1: Bible Translations

The Bible, Part 2: OT vs. NT

Identity Crisis of an Evangelical, Part 1

Identity Crisis of an Evangelical, Part 2

Identity Crisis of an Evangelical, Part 3

The One True Church?

Worshiping God In Part

Why Men Hate Going To Church

The End Of The Christian Right

The Next Reformation

Churches I’ve Regularly Attended

  1. BulletChurches I’ve Regularly Attended (Full List)

  2. BulletMaiden Lane Church of God, Part 1, 1960 - 1978

  3. BulletMaiden Lane Church of God, Part 2, 1972 - 1978: Controversies

  4. BulletMaiden Lane Church of God, Part 3, 1972 - 1978: Youth Group

  5. BulletMaiden Lane Church of God, Part 4, 1978 and on

  6. BulletGod’s Freewill Tabernacle

  7. BulletFirst Assembly Of God

  8. BulletOvid Community Church

  9. BulletChurch At The Barn

Churches I’ve Visited

My First Charismatic Church

The Most Bizarre Church Ever

The Michigan Megachurch

J Lee The Traveler


Travel Photos

Domestic Travels

USA Travel Photo Albums

  1. Bullet Texas Statehouse

  2. Bullet Mount Rushmore

  3. Bullet Wall Drug

  4. Bullet New York City

International Travels


Japan Photo Albums

  1. Bullet Japan 2002 Sightseeing


First Trip To China Photo Albums

  1. Bullet Canvard College

  2. Bullet My China Apartment & Surrounding Area

  3. Bullet The Main Road South Of Canvard

  4. Bullet The Main Road North Of Canvard

  5. Bullet The Shopping Street East Of Canvard

  6. Bullet First Drive To Beijing

  7. Bullet Peking Duck Lunch In Beijing

  8. Bullet The Forbidden City

  9. Bullet Jing Shan Park

  10. Bullet Chang Bai Shan Hotel & Area

  11. Bullet Tiananmen Square

  12. Bullet Guomao Area Of Beijing, Part 1

  13. Bullet Guomao Area Of Beijing, Part 2

  14. Bullet Beijing Yintai Centre

  15. Bullet Soho Village In Beijing

  16. Bullet Guomao & Soho At Night

  17. Bullet Hou Hai Park & Bei Hai Park

  18. Bullet Christmas Party At Canvard

  19. Bullet Eating At Little Sheep Restaurant

  20. Bullet Business Dinner (Including Karaoke)

  21. Bullet Canvard College New Year’s Program

  22. Bullet Yu River Park Of Tong Zhou

  23. Bullet The Great Wall Of China

  24. Bullet Ming Tomb

  25. Bullet Dinner With The Guo Family

  26. Bullet Billiards Night

  27. Bullet Liberty University Students Visit Canvard

  28. Bullet Gongrentiyuchang Beilu

  29. Bullet Across From San Li Tun Village

  30. Bullet San Li Tun Village In Beijing

  31. Bullet Apple Store In San Li Tun Villiage, Beijing

  32. Bullet Rest Of The Last Saturday

  33. Bullet Beijing Airport (Going Home)


Europe Photo Albums

  1. Bullet London Trip

  2. Bullet Rome, Part 1: Arrival & Walk From Hotel

  3. Bullet Rome, Part 2: Vatican City

  4. Bullet Rome, Part 3: The Colosseum

  5. Bullet Rome, Part 4: Walk From Colosseum To Hotel


Canada Photo Albums

  1. Bullet Quebec City Trip 1999

Latin America & The Carribbean

Latin America & The Carribbean Photo Albums

  1. Bullet Avalon Reef Resort

  2. Bullet The Waters At Avalon Reef

  3. Bullet Around Isla Mujeres

J Lee The Media Critic

Society Central

Society Central

My Religion

My Politics

My Views On Society

Music Central

Music Central

Music Central Hall Of Fame

  1. Bullet Michelle Tumes

Annual Music Awards

1980s Greatest Christian Rock Albums

1980s Greatest Christian Pop Albums

1980s Greatest Christian Albums -- Other Styles

Annual Music Awards

2007 Music Awards

2008 Music Awards

  1. Bullet Michelle Tumes

  2. Bullet Regenerator : Regenerated X

  3. Bullet DreamLab: Tranceformation

  4. Bullet Sarah Macintosh: The Waiters, The Watchers, The Keepers, and Me

  5. Bullet Michelle Tumes: Center Of My Universe

  6. Bullet Ever: The Unraveling

  7. Bullet The Echoing Green: The Evergreen Collection

  8. Bullet Hillsong London: Jesus Is Re:mix

2009 Music Awards

  1. Bullet Bon Voyage: Lies

  2. Bullet Moonlight Cathedral

  3. Bullet God Bless The Go-Go’s

  4. Bullet DreamLab: Worship Revolutions

  5. Bullet Joanna Martino: My World

2010 Music Awards

2011 Music Awards

  1. BulletMiss Angie: Time And Space

  2. BulletG-Powered: Trust

  3. BulletCharmaine: Love Reality

  4. BulletDelta-S: Voyage To Isis

  5. BulletAndy Hunter: Collide

  6. BulletDavid Crowder Band: Church Music

  7. BulletVarious Artists: Future Sound Of Worship, Volume 1i

  8. BulletAnthony Newman Plays JS Bach

  9. BulletThe Echoing Green: In Scarlet And Vile

  10. BulletParadoxx: Decade

2012 Music Awards

  1. BulletBritt Nicole: Gold

  2. BulletBritt Nicole: The Lost Get Found

  3. BulletSarah Macintosh: Current

  4. BulletBananarama: Viva

  5. BulletAudile: On His Shoulders

  6. BulletTobymac: Dubbed & Freq’d

Detroit Area Dance Events

Detroit Area Dance Events Front Page

  1. BulletenTrance: December 2011

  2. BulletFuture Sound Of Worship 4: May 2012

  3. BulletBritt Nicole: The Lost Get Found

Detroit Area Dance Events Photo Albums

  1. BulletenTrance Photo Album

  2. BulletMIdsummer Meltdown 2 Photo Album

  3. BulletEnd Of The World Party at Blondie’s Photo Album

  4. BulletTiesto Concert in Ypsilanti Michigan Photo Album

  5. BulletenTrance Video Compilation


I made a page here when Google+ started, thinking it might be a different way to do social networking.  Haven’t been able to figure out how to use it yet.


Bananaleaf Central is the index section of J Lee Harshbarger’s personal website.  To visit the subsidiary websites, click the links below.

All about music!  My Annual Music Awards, my music Hall Of Fame, and other writings about music and musicians I like are found here.http://www.jleeharshbarger.me/Music_Central/Welcome.html
An index to my writings about movies, books, and the media in general, such as news coverage and media biashttp://www.jleeharshbarger.me/J_Lee_The_Media_Critic/J_Lee_The_Media_Critic_Index.html

My political and religious beliefs, and my commentary
 on society and politics.http://www.jleeharshbarger.me/Society_Central/Society_Central_Index.html

Photo albums from some of my travels outside of Michigan.  Eventually I hope to include travelogues too.http://www.jleeharshbarger.me/J_Lee_The_Traveler/Welcome.html

                     Various photos
                           I’ve taken
                     not connected
                            to any of
                            my web-
                            site pages.http://gallery.mac.com/catservants

What does it mean to follow God?  What should the church be like?http://www.jleeharshbarger.me/Pondering_God_And_Church/Statement_Of_My_Religious_Beliefs.html

A list of all the churches I’ve attended, plus full stories about some of them. http://www.jleeharshbarger.me/Churches_Ive_Regularly_Attended/Churches,_Part_1.html


Stories about churches I’ve visitedhttp://www.jleeharshbarger.me/Churches_Ive_Visited/Churches,_Part_2.html

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