The index for all the places you can find me on the web-- my blog, the social networking communities I belong to, and other various places I exist in cyberspace.Bananaleaf_Central.html

Check below for what has been updated and when!

I first published this website in 2008, with lots of big plans for it, only putting up about one-fourth of what I had in mind.  Due to the limited amount of time available for such a project, now in 2014 I still have whole sections of the website that I have not yet created.  Part of that is because my big focus has been on my Annual Music Awards, which take a lot of time to create.

This site is now badly in need of remodeling, for a number of reasons.  I have been putting off the remodeling until I could find a suitable replacement for iWeb.  This website was designed using Apple’s iWeb program, which Apple unfortunately discontinued in 2012.  Since they no longer offer any support for it (they even removed the Help pages from the software!!), I didn’t want to start rebuilding my website until I found a good program.  Every program had major weaknesses.  Just recently (March 2014), I found a program that very nearly copies iWeb, and even improves on some of iWeb’s big weaknesses, such as no master pages, and no way to write your own metadata.  That program is Everweb.  Now that I’ve found that, I am eager to begin my remodeling project, which means that I have to rebuild my website from scratch because though Everweb works like iWeb from a user standpoint, it runs on entirely different code (which is a good thing, as iWeb is notorious for having spaghetti code under the surface).

So, except for perhaps adding the 2013 Music Awards during 2014, I will not make any other updates to the site on iWeb.  I will begin my project of rebuilding my website on Everweb, which will almost certainly take me well into 2015.

Though the total rebuild is daunting, I am excited about trying a new design.  I’ll say this now, though: Don’t expect a trendy iOS 7, white page, 2-dimensional look.  I like my black pages and white font, and I expect to keep them.  I heard someone say that black page / white font is “so 1990s,” but I’m a nonconformist.  So the design won’t be trendy, but on this site I have a lot of things that no longer work due to discontinued products (Apple, Lifli and deceased communities such as Xanga, ePinions, and Ning sites), and many of my original ideas did not pan out, so I hope to have the new site less unfinished and less unorganized.

Check back again in 2015!

Here’s what I added or changed during my last update:

Updated July 8 & 15, 2012:

  1. I posted my 2011 Music Awards, complete with full new pages describing each of the 10 albums on the list

  2. I posted my 2010 Music Awards (yes, not until July 2012!), but these do not have full pages for describing the albums...not yet anyway.

  3. Due to Apple discontinuing MobileMe, where my blog was hosted, and the fact that my blog software does not work on current OS X systems, I let my blog die.  There are numerous links on this website to that blog.  I haven’t gotten them all updated yet, so most will be dead.  For many of them, I have plastered them with the message, “Killed by Apple & Lifli.”

  4. Today I brought three pages from my blog to this website -- the 3 lists of my favorite Christian albums of the 1980s.

  5. I updated the information on the sidebar in the Music Central section.

  6. Various other minor adjustments to the Music Central section.

  7. I rearranged the Find Me page, added a link to my Pinterest page, deleted my link, and added to the list of pages on my site the new pages since the last time I updated it.

  8. On the Bananaleaf Central page, I added a blurb about my Pinterest page.

  9. My hit counters were designed by Apple to only work when the site was hosted by Apple.  Since they’ve discontinued hosting, I’ve had to put in new hit counters and start all over (boo!).  I’ve put new hit counters on the music site but not the others yet.  On July 15, I replace them with a different company’s counter, because the first company’s couldn’t count...from 1 to 233 in a few visits...  Unfortunately, they all require links to ads.  Can’t find an ad-free one yet.

More updates will come as I have time, to fix the mess created by Apple ditching MobileMe.  To be fair to Apple, they gave us a whole year’s notice, but just like in college when I waited until the night before the term paper was due to start, I waited until the week before to start working on these updates.

Here’s what I added or changed during the update before last:

All about music!  My Annual Music Awards, my music Hall Of Fame, and other writings about music and musicians I like are found here.
An index to my writings about movies, books, and the media in general, such as news coverage and media bias

My political and religious beliefs, and my commentary
 on society and politics.

Photo albums from some of my travels outside of Michigan.  Eventually I hope to include travelogues too.

                     Various photos
                           I’ve taken
                     not connected
                            to any of
                            my web-
                            site pages.

The personal website of

J Lee Harshbarger

The above links are especially for those who are already familiar with my website.  If this is your first time to my website, or you want to refresh your memory of what’s found here, go to my Website Index page for an introduction to my website, where you can get descriptions of each of the website sections linked in the pictures above.

The Find Me page is a quick reference to where I exist on the web, as well as a site map.

What does it mean to follow God?  What should the church be like?

A list of all the churches I’ve attended, plus full stories about some of them.,_Part_1.html


Stories about churches I’ve visited,_Part_2.html

Updated March 30, 2014:

  1. I posted my 2012 Music Awards, complete with full new pages describing 6 of the 15 albums on the list

  2. I added the link to the 2012 awards on the opening Annual Music Awards page.

  3. I updated the information on the sidebar in the Music Central section.

  4. Various other minor adjustments to the Music Central section.

  5. I added a new section to Music Central: Detroit Dance Events.  It’s greatly unfinished at this point, but I’ve started what I plan to do on a larger scale: Write a summary of each dance event I attend in Detroit and include photos and video clips from it.  That project will not be continued until I rebuild the website.

  6. I updated the site map on the Find Me page.

  7. I updated this Front Page with information about my planned website remodeling.

  8. I updated the biographical bits (i.e. my age) on the various web pages, and where there are links to sites that have bitten the dust, I added a notice that those sites are gone (Xanga, Anderson Alums).  I don’t want to mess with it more than that at this point since I want to do a complete site remodel.


Some pages have songs that you can play, which are in QuickTime format; if your browser doesn’t have a QuickTime plug-in, you won’t be able to hear the songs, but it’s easy to download the plug-in from Apple.